Thank you, Shanley.

Mostly because that’s not said enough on the internet, but also because she’s a big inspiration for this blog. Early last year when people began flocking to Medium, she tried drilling it into people’s heads that they could choose any of the many and varied platforms that didn’t grant tech even more reach and influence. Use WordPress, use Tumblr, go whisper it in a dead pigeon’s ear. Anything but feeding the beast you’re pretending to fight.

So as Hillary’s coin ripped apart Twitter this year and it became even less useful and infinitely more depressing, Shanley’s advice to just build your own damn blog finally bounced around inside my head enough to knock something loose and set me in motion. I’m not at all sure which direction this blog could go. It could be all police-propaganda-in-the-media criticism one day, a celebration of Broadway the next. Life is unpredictable.

What it won’t be is a conduit for Democratic/state propaganda, nor will it be a love letter to Silicon Valley. My political party is Lauren Chief Elk. I believe #BlackLivesMatter. #GiveYourMoneyToWomen early and often. #HandsOffAssata and #FreeChelsea before sparing the first thought for Snowden.

This will be a bare-bones operation for a few weeks, or however long it takes me familiarize myself with the platform and fall into a workflow I like. I have a few things in mind to add as I go, hopefully sooner rather than later, but all in good time.


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