The Greatest Stunt The Tech Industry Ever Pulled…

This is something else.

There is no “technology industry”

The label’s become too big to be useful, and tech could suffer for it.

So a nonexistent industry could suffer because, wait what?

What do an auto leasing provider, a condiment company and the producers of a serious TV drama have in common? If your answer is “almost nothing”, then you’re right. If your answer is “they have such similar roles in society that they should be regulated and reported on the same way”, then congratulations—you still believe there’s “tech industry”.

This is why tech criticism coming from Medium is so ludicrous. It’s always apologist tripe that insists tech is here to nurture and care for us if we’d only stop getting in its way and thinking wrong things about it.

There’s no doubt that technology itself can have a hugely positive impact. But ensuring that it does may depend on us taking apart the idea that technology is created or sustained by a “tech industry” in the first place.

“Maybe tech is actually created by elves, pixies and other small woodland folk. Why overlook such possibilities and risk becoming a society of Luddites?” Medium certainly knew what they were doing when they hired the guy who tried telling us cyberbullying was a figment of victims’ imaginations.


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