The Scum Also Rises

I couldn’t have asked for more of an all-encompassing story to begin with than Ed Lee possibly being Hillary’s HUD (or Education) Secretary. It’s an open secret that Lee & Co. would flee town soon after Hillary’s election. Lee has been a fundraising engine for the Democrats and the billions he’s raised will allow him to escape the fallout from any City Hall pay-to-play scandals. Goodbye, San Francisco; hello United States and the world.

Lee as Secretary of either Department would give Silicon Valley, for starters, unfettered access to that Department. They’re already friendly with Julian Castro, who couldn’t be happier to let the foxes into the hen house. Silicon Valley is already a huge proponent of charter schools and would love using the Department of Education as their laboratory.

Ed will be leaving us one way or another, though. This past year has been about City Hall tying up loose ends, closing their books and setting the stage for whoever stars in the next chapter of The Heist.

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