Housekeeping: Email & Comments

Two notes about this blog. I run the site’s email through ProtonMail, so if you ever need to send the blog anything through encrypted channels, create a free ProtonMail account and you’ll be set. I use them for my personal email as well, and I recommend using an encrypted email service, ProtonMail or otherwise, even if you only use it occasionally. Hillary has already promised to boost law-enforcement surveillance, and if they know you speak out against them, they’ll be watching. Encrypt as much of your online life as you can to stay safe.

Speaking of staying safe, you may notice Comments are turned off. It’s early days for the blog and traffic is low, so it’s not much of an issue at the moment. Comments sections are a horror show I avoid and the adblocker on my phone/tablet removes any temptation to view them by blocking them altogether. If the site ever develops such a following that Comment sections would be a good thing, I’ll revisit it, but until then I’m outsourcing the Comment sections to Twitter at @bandcreview.

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