MISSING PERSONS: Christopher Kohrs aka The Hot Cop of the Castro


The newest entry in Missing Persons is Christopher Kohrs aka The Hot Cop of the Castro. Kohrs gained fame through a Facebook page created in 2014 by a local admirer. Three weeks after the Facebook page launched, it garnered nearly 19,000 likes and Kohrs was an instant celebrity. SFPD pounced on their propaganda windfall and Kohrs quickly became the face of SFPD in the Castro, as well as a prominent face of citywide and national SFPD publicity.

Kohrs enjoyed being the handsome face of police terror until 2:20am November 29, 2015, when he drove into two pedestrians in San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood and immediately fled the scene:

SFPD chief Greg Suhr tells ABC 7, “He did have two passengers with him who both said that he was the driver.” Also, they both remained on the scene and “His personal cell phone was left in the vehicle.” As the Examiner adds, they were not able to use the phone to locate Kohrs, and it was then up to him to turn himself in, which he did over eight hours later. He did not get tested for drugs or alcohol until about ten hours after the crash, which happened at 2:20 a.m. on Sunday.

Kohrs went from celebrity to cipher. His presence was wiped from social media and his Facebook page vanished. Kohrs plead not guilty in a December 3 court appearance, with a preliminary hearing scheduled for March 14.

kohrs_searchAnd that’s where the trail goes cold. SFPD’s once ubiquitous heartthrob vanishes without a trace after March 14. All the potential embarrassment of an intoxicated police officer driving down pedestrians brushed aside by the courts and conveniently forgotten by complicit media.

So. If you see Mr. Kohrs, know what he’s up to or just where he’s been passing his days, be sure to let us know so I can update this article on the whereabouts of an alleged drunk-driving cop currently being sheltered by the state. Feel free to email or @ me at @bandcreview.

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