Translating SFPD’s “high alert”: an excuse to escalate and a distraction from ongoing issues

As they’ve done in the past, SFPD is using the shootings of police officers across the country as excuse for a “high alert,” which is just euphemism for playing victims, excusing in advance any act of terror at their hands and distracting from any of their ongoing scandals. Local media has published story after story of warmed-over police propaganda. Per SFPD spokesperson Grace Gatpandan:

“Every single officer has to have a cool head out there, but it’s always in the back of our minds that any call can go sideways, and that depends a lot on the environment. It depends on the interaction with the individual. So, if an officer contacts you, it’s always best to just keep your calm,” Gatpandan said.

“If an officer contacts you…just keep your calm.” Much easier said than done, especially when that “contact” comes from a white-supremacist force known for targeting Black people. Two weeks ago in San Francisco, high-school students representing the entire San Francisco Unified School District marched on City Hall in protest of the election of Donald Trump. SFPD arrived in packs, fully armed and carrying riot helmets to deal with children:

This focus on performing victimhood serves to distract from a laundry list of ongoing scandals. In addition to yet another report on SFPD’s targeting of Black people, the SFPD union is receiving resignation after resignation from Black officers tired of the police union acting like a police union. The police department is still without an official chief as Mayor Ed Lee curiously drags his feet on selecting a new chief from the three (undisclosed) names sent to him three weeks ago by the Police Commission. Acting-chief Toney Chaplin would appear to be the obvious choice, as he’s endorsed by the police-union and has stayed on script as interim, and dragging the process out gives the appearance that Lee is considering alternate candidates when none are credibly rumored to exist. Additionally, SFPD is the focus of lawsuits ranging from sex trafficking to ignoring/destroying rape kits. Not to mention officers such as Christopher “Hot Cop of Castro” Kohrs who are charged with acts of violence and then disappear from public sight and record.

But never mind all that. Just remember that SFPD are the real victims, and if you get in their way they’ll prove it to you.

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