2016: Year of Entropy

Entropy is defined as “the degree of disorder or uncertainty in a system” or “the degradation of the matter and energy in the universe to an ultimate state of inert uniformity.” Though many words could describe the holy terror that was 2016, entropy was on my mind the entire year. No year in recent memory better embodied the idea of putting in more and more work for decreasing results. It was no accident, either. 2014’s new wave of organizing and activism initially caught the state off guard, but with help from its Silicon Valley and NPIC allies, it almost immediately adjusted and by 2016 had its claws sunk into every social-justice org in existence. The Democrats put everything they had into consent and/or coercion. Funding windfalls, increased spotlight and gushing praise from heroes won over most of those who weren’t already on the take. Those refusing to drink the DNC Kool-Aid were gaslighted, slandered and silenced. All to prepare for the ascension of Hillary Clinton.

Then things went all pear shaped. John Podesta’s office was phished like Luddites, and out came a flood of emails detailing the DNC conspiracy to affect the Democratic primaries to benefit Hillary Clinton. Democratic ops throughout social justice questioned the validity of emails they would’ve endlessly tweeted only a year previous. Suddenly Russia became more of a concern than police terror or City Hall corruption as the DNC hypocritically scapegoated them for the Dems’ very own election rigging. Movements everywhere ground to a halt as the DNC called in favors and pledged future support and funding.

And it was all for naught. Trump won and the resistance lay in tatters. Fearless activists who not long ago had fearlessly stared down the state now parroted its Cold War-era propaganda and feverishly fundrasied for the NPIC. Which was what the state always wanted and needed. Too many protests and movements were successfully targeting its tech and NPIC allies, as well as mounting pressure on police departments and unions. Those activists and organizers had to be silenced, co-opted, and brought under Dem guidance, and that’s exactly what happened. Inert uniformity for all.

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