Pavlov’s electorate

The United States is still the United States. Nothing happened November 8, January 20 nor any other day since the election to change that. The same Democrats responsible for deporting people to hurricane-ravaged and cholera-stricken Haiti, and targeting entire families for deportation to Central America, now scream, “Sanctuary!” at the top of their lungs. The same Democrats responsible for droning weddings now think it’s a sin to delay them.

All of this would be laughable grandstanding if it weren’t enabled, funded and blessed by an electorate divested of its own interest and agency in favor of dancing to the Democrats’ fiddle as the world burns. Democrats actively and openly suppress education around, and opposition to, actions such as targeted deportation when they’re in power, but leverage them for raison d’être the instant Republicans seize the reins. A savvy, well-informed electorate would relegate these red-handed “saviors” to the also-ran heap. Unfortunately, the United States electorate is neither savvy nor well-informed; gorged into a stupor from a buffet of..well, bread and circuses. True resistance is staying up to date on who your local politicians are, who the influencers/funders behind them are, and learning how to decipher their doublespeak; it’s not jumping to attention when corporate Democrats say it’s time to protest, and then lying down when they’re in power, saying “All is well.”

Before joining any protest led by Democrats and/or tech, please check to see where the protest organizers were on these issues last year at this time. Check who’s funding the event, and what they fund outside of it. Make sure you’re backing true resistance, not adding bullet points to another fork-tongued Democrat’s resume.

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