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Those new features/formats/subjects never quite showed up, did they?

It certainly wasn’t due to a lack of subject matter. All the usual suspects have been up to their usual tricks, up to and including reports yesterday morning of Twitter introducing a paid tier. But as I mentioned in that previous post, none of it’s anything new. Not to me and certainly not to others who have lived it and/or written about it for years upon years.

So I think that’s about it for the blog’s News section. It was a much more long-winded version of my already blowhard Twitter account, but it, as well as this blog in general, was an escape pod from said Twitter account when that account began smoking and sparking in all the wrong places. Working on this blog and researching individual posts also gave me a constructive focus in the midst of a slew of personal problems late last year and early this one, so it’s definitely been of use to me.

Hopefully it’s been of use to others, as well. I think I’ve shone a little extra light onto people and cases well on their way to anonymous escape, especially Enrique Pearce. Just like the other people/governments/corporations/nonprofits about whom I’ve blogged, however, Pearce will still escape relatively consequence free. Others whom I’ve mentioned and linked to in past posts (and whose past and present work I recommend following and contributing to) have been exposing these evils much longer and precisely than I, yet those evils continue to adapt and thrive. And will do so long as the general public continues to value their bread and circuses over freedom.

So what next if not News? I warned you in the Preface that these sands could shift at any point and while I don’t foresee that celebration of Broadway I mentioned, a new season of Doctor Who is just over the horizon and I might even have another interest or two about which I could write.

Stay tuned, as they say.

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