Celebrate Coltrane Church’s return next Wednesday

Per the Coltrane Church‘s Rev. Wanika Stephens: Join us in a special service welcoming the Saint John Coltrane Church to Saint Cyprian’s, corner of Turk and Lyon. The Rt. Rev. Marc H. Andrus Diocesan Bishop of the Episcopal Church will preside during an evening celebration of Advent Vespers. The theme for the evening will beContinue reading “Celebrate Coltrane Church’s return next Wednesday”

Why people hate Democrats and the NPIC

A group of San Francisco lawyers organizing against the Trump administration are putting on a clinic in deflecting blame for years of abusive Democratic policies while rushing to take advantage of fear of Trump’s presidency. In statements and interviews ahead of an event in the Mission tomorrow, NPIC (nonprofit industrial complex) lawyers made predictions ofContinue reading “Why people hate Democrats and the NPIC”

DeRay, Inc

DeRay McKesson first entered public consciousness during the August 2014 protests surrounding the police killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO. As control of the protest narrative shifted from influencers and talking heads to protesters on the ground, DeRay emerged as one of the most recognizable. His daily chronicling of the protests on Twitter, alongContinue reading “DeRay, Inc”

SJPD cry “Wolf!” while wearing sheep’s clothing

The San Jose Police Department this week joined its noxious neighbors to the north in capitalizing on media reports of police officers shot at across the US. While SFPD used the opportunity to double down on its we’re-the-good-guys-fear-us message, SJPD took a much more violent approach. The same police department that “fired” officer Phillip WhiteContinue reading “SJPD cry “Wolf!” while wearing sheep’s clothing”

Translating SFPD’s “high alert”: an excuse to escalate and a distraction from ongoing issues

As they’ve done in the past, SFPD is using the shootings of police officers across the country as excuse for a “high alert,” which is just euphemism for playing victims, excusing in advance any act of terror at their hands and distracting from any of their ongoing scandals. Local media has published story after storyContinue reading “Translating SFPD’s “high alert”: an excuse to escalate and a distraction from ongoing issues”

Gentrification’s slow theft

I moved to the northern edge of the Tenderloin in April 2008. While gentrification was definitely underway in San Francisco, especially in the Mission, it hadn’t quite reached the Tenderloin yet. You couldn’t escape the omens; young tech elite would often visit Tenderloin bars, obviously slumming and soaking in poverty porn before returning to theirContinue reading “Gentrification’s slow theft”

MSM discovers racism while Democrats exploit it

After years of calling blatant acts of racism anything but, local and national MSM have taken off their blinders and are now hyper focused on any and every incident. Gone are the media who tried their best to ignore the Jena Six, who fiddled on their balconies as militarized police descended on Ferguson, who neverContinue reading “MSM discovers racism while Democrats exploit it”

The illogical Office of Public Advocate

Prop H, allowing for the creation of an Office of Public Advocate in San Francisco, appears headed for defeat. Thankfully. In theory, the Public Advocate is a fair-play czar of sorts. They field and investigate citizen/whistleblower complaints concerning City services and programs, monitor for cronyism/wasteful spending and appoint a Director of the Office of CitizenContinue reading “The illogical Office of Public Advocate”

Social justice and self care

If you’re reading this blog, there’s a good chance you’re involved in social-justice activism in some form. And if you’re involved, you know the personal drain that comes with the work. Longevity in social justice requires, among other things, thick skin, a hard head and a big heart. While these can all be indispensable qualities,Continue reading “Social justice and self care”

The Medium problem

Founded in 2012 by Twitter co-founder Evan Williams, Medium is now a fashionable internet address for politicians, celebrities, businesses and more. Users praise it for allowing them to focus on content creation without having to manage the back end of their website, and a symbiotic relationship with Twitter gives any user of that service anContinue reading “The Medium problem”

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