Suzy Loftus curiously quits

“The face of police reform” isn’t long for the San Francisco Police Commission as its president Suzy Loftus resigned this week to join the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department as assistant legal counsel. It’s a curious move for a couple of reasons. First, Loftus is apparently trading two high-profile positions, San Francisco Police Commission president andContinue reading “Suzy Loftus curiously quits”

The siren song of equality

Freedom. Equality. On the surface, they seem interchangeable, but in practice the two words couldn’t be farther apart. Freedom is self explanatory; acting and living without restraint or oppression. Equality is trickier, however. Equality comes with all sorts of terms and conditions. You can’t be equal by yourself; what’s the point? Reaching a state ofContinue reading “The siren song of equality”

SJPD cry “Wolf!” while wearing sheep’s clothing

The San Jose Police Department this week joined its noxious neighbors to the north in capitalizing on media reports of police officers shot at across the US. While SFPD used the opportunity to double down on its we’re-the-good-guys-fear-us message, SJPD took a much more violent approach. The same police department that “fired” officer Phillip WhiteContinue reading “SJPD cry “Wolf!” while wearing sheep’s clothing”

Translating SFPD’s “high alert”: an excuse to escalate and a distraction from ongoing issues

As they’ve done in the past, SFPD is using the shootings of police officers across the country as excuse for a “high alert,” which is just euphemism for playing victims, excusing in advance any act of terror at their hands and distracting from any of their ongoing scandals. Local media has published story after storyContinue reading “Translating SFPD’s “high alert”: an excuse to escalate and a distraction from ongoing issues”

The shell game of police-union endorsements

The fallacy of police-union endorsements is they go to the farthest-right candidate, because those are the candidates most willing/likely to do the union’s bidding. No doubt, Republicans couldn’t be more willing to partner with law enforcement. This could tempt a person into believing the opposing Democrat would be open to reining in police and police-unionContinue reading “The shell game of police-union endorsements”

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