SFPD’s performed reform

The Golden State Warriors’ hire of former SFPD Chief Greg Suhr as security consultant created work for many manufactured-outrage activists this past week, but couldn’t have been more business as usual. Team owner Joe Lacob is a Sand Hill Road venture capitalist and both Sand Hill Road and the Silicon Valley it funds have long beenContinue reading “SFPD’s performed reform”

Homelessness: San Francisco’s newest heist

Homelessness has long been an issue San Francisco has ignored in favor of well-funded “solutions” that inevitably fade into nothing but good intentions paving a road to Hell for the homeless people they’re allegedly created to help. As the San Francisco Chronicle leads a second round of mass exploitation of homeless people disguised as crusadingContinue reading “Homelessness: San Francisco’s newest heist”

Gentrification’s slow theft

I moved to the northern edge of the Tenderloin in April 2008. While gentrification was definitely underway in San Francisco, especially in the Mission, it hadn’t quite reached the Tenderloin yet. You couldn’t escape the omens; young tech elite would often visit Tenderloin bars, obviously slumming and soaking in poverty porn before returning to theirContinue reading “Gentrification’s slow theft”

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